Blue Whale Watching

Welcome To Whale and Dolphin watching At southern sea

VTS Lanka Tours & Tours,Bentota are pleased to announce it’s “Whales & Dolphin Watching”  operating programme commence from December,2011 onwards for all interested tourists in Sri Lanka and world wide to see Blue Whales and spinner Dolphins.
This programme is launched with collaboration of “Ocean University of Sri Lanka under Ministry of Youth Affairs & Skills Development.

Blue Whales

Blue whales are thought to be the largest animal ever to live on the Earth. They reach lengths up to about 100 feet and weights of an amazing 100-150 tons. Their skin is a beautiful gray-blue color, often with a mottling of light spots.

Sperm Whale

The Sperm Whale is a marine mammal species having largest brain of any animal, live in groups called, pods. The sperm Whale can live more than 70 years.Historically, the sperm whale was also known as the common Cachalot.”Cachalot” is derived from an archaic French word for “Tooth”. The sperm whale is the largest toothed whale with adult males measuring up to 20.5 meters (67 ft) long and weighing up to 57,000 Kilograms.
This animal distinctive shape comes from its very large head which is typically one-third of the animal’s length.

Bottle Nose Dolphin

Bottle Nose dolphins are one of the most well-known and well-studied marine mammals. Their gray coloration and “smiling” appearance makes them easily recognizable. Bottlenose dolphin is toothed whales that live in pods that can range in size up to several hundred animals. They may also be found close to shore.

Your Questions and Our Answers:

1. What type of Whales could be seen?

You could see Blue Whales and Sperm Whales. Also you may see hundreds of Dolphins at site.

2. How long will take for the whole tour?

Usually, 4 – 6 hours.

3. What about our life saving?

Full cover Insurance on each Passenger.
Six of well trained life saving Crew with Captain of the Vessel.
Life saving jackets will be provided on each passenger.
Availability of two light Rafts with ‘First Aid’ facility for passengers on an emergency situation.

4. Are children allowed?

Over 4 years only.

5. What should we bring?

Snacks & Water bottle will be Provided.
Passenger is free to bring own Food without alcohol.

6. What days & time tour starts?

Departure days will be notified. Tour starts at 7.00am but, all passengers should be at Galle Harbor by 6.45am.

While On Tour

All passengers could listen to a recorded documentary CD about Whales & Dolphins.
Specially built ‘Sea Sick’ room available in the vessel with all treatment by well experienced health care personnel.
Availability of sophisticated ‘Sonar’ equipments to measure such as Depth of the Sea, Compasses for direction…..etc, on board.